Sam Burgess’s guide to Brecon

•September 3, 2008 • 1 Comment

So, in linking this blog to my website, I lost the old blog. Which might be seen as a shame, although realistically all it was was two short items that nobody could interact with. It wasn’t a real blog, you see. Not like this big, nice, proper, actual blog. But there was a post that I was sorry to see go – namely a small collection of photos of Sam Burgess (bass player with Curios) that I took upon our recent jaunt to Brecon. 

Brecon is quite a picturesque little town in the middle of Wales where they have a once-yearly jazz festival. We arrived in plenty of time and set about exploring the place. Sam is a garrulous chap who wears his heart on his sleeve, and he has, like all of us, a ‘photo face’.

Here it is:


Admiring the view across the canal.

Admiring the view across the canal.


Sam found a toy car.

Sam found a toy car.


Chilling with Empirical bassist Tom Farmer.

Chilling with Empirical bassist Tom Farmer.

You get the idea. There are, as you can imagine, more. 

You should see his wedding photos, for example.


Recording piano with a Zoom H4

•September 2, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’ve had a Zoom H4 for about a year and a half now, I think. Best thing I ever bought. Along with all of the other best things I ever bought, such as an ipod, a Nord Electro, a Mondeo ST24, a Fender Rhodes… Anyway, it’s up there. Brilliant for recording gigs. Excellent in every way.

Except perhaps for recording my (upright Yamaha) piano at home. I’ve just spent the afternoon trying to find the perfect location but found nothing of the sort – here too boxy, there too much pedal noise, here too tinny, there too muffled. And every time, I’m afraid (as I don’t have a long enough USB lead), another round of transferring files. Does anyone have the secret? Could they possibly share it?

I will soldier on, naturally. It must be possible, and when it is, it will be killing.

First blog, then.

•September 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

Hello world, as they encourage me to say. My name’s Tom – I play the piano and I write music. I play the music that I write on the piano. I write it at the piano, then play it on the piano. You get the picture. More recently, I’ve started a record label to release my stuff, which I’m calling Impure Music. We (I) have a website at where you can buy the new album, hear other stuff, look at pictures, read words. It involved me having to learn Dreamweaver, but I think it was worth it.

Looking through the toolbar, it seems as though I can add media, so let me start by introducing my band, Curios, and our new album. It looks like this:

Closer, the new album from Curios

Closer, the new album from Curios

I’m the one in the middle, by the way. You can have a much better look at the album here.

We sound like this: Little Sharks & Baby Dolphins (excerpt)

And we move like this:

So the reason I’m here is that I’d like to share my thoughts, and post news and behind-the-scenes stuff and just kind of join in with the web community. I’ve been reading some fantastic blogs recently and it seems rather fun. I can start by recommending The Jazz Monster and The Jazz Breakfast which are both the business.

I’m going to talk mostly, I should have thought, about music, writing music, checking out music, playing music and lusting after gear. At the moment, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station. There could be a bit of football and motor racing, also. But let’s not get carried away just yet.

Bye, then.