Curios all over Radio 3

Is it London buses that come in twos, or is it deaths? Whatever, Curios’ Radio 3 appearances this week may also count among these phenomena, starting, as we did, with an appearance on Jazz Line-Up last Sunday evening, and continuing by opening the Jazz On 3 London Jazz Festival show this coming Friday. Woo, and to a certain extent, hoo.

The second of these will be our first ever live broadcast and I’m rather excited. We’ve to perform a 20 minute set and, gasp, play the opening theme tune. This is a Cannonball Adderley number in 7 which sounds suspiciously like acid-jazz and took rather a beating in our rehearsal today. I think we’ve managed to come up with something suitably rousing in the end, though.

The first was an interview with Brit jazz legend Julian Joseph in which I rattled on about – guess what – motorsport and football. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m assured by J. Blackmore that the sports stuff survived the edit. I think we also spoke of music and, inevitably, of pianos. And they played some tunes, of course.

Anyway, enough Curios. I’ll be back with more anecdotal nonsense soon, I promise.


~ by tomcawley on November 10, 2008.

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