Nigel Roebuck

So I wrote a piece of music and dedicated it to Nigel Roebuck, the motor racing journalist. The man who illuminated, and illuminates, Formula 1 like no other. Much of my life is still given over to reading his words, and absolutely delightful they are. He’s warm, insightful, amusing, wry and passionate. It’s utterly wonderful stuff. So yeah, I wanted to write him a tune. And I did.

You can see my band playing the tune here:

Or you can listen to it here:

Roebuck, by Curios

The thing is, it doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately I sent a copy to him, via the office address given at MotorSport magazine. And, even though this was now many weeks ago, I have heard nothing back. With it I sent an incredibly gushing letter, explaining myself. I think it’s possibly here that I went wrong. I mean, why? What was I hoping for?

So I hope that maybe it’s not all as embarrassing as it looks at the moment. Maybe he doesn’t like jazz, full stop. I mean possibly he just hates the tune. Maybe he didn’t yet get the CD…

Anyway, so I’ve done something rather silly there. Has anyone else ever done anything like this? With more (or possibly less) luck?

Please tell…


~ by tomcawley on October 2, 2008.

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