Not much, I’m afraid

So, a huge gap between the last post and this. Not good blogging form, I know. But I’ve been doing lots of all-consuming stuff and haven’t had a chance, I’m afraid.

One of which was working with a huge youth voices project. Quite amazing in its sheer sonic might, and quite an eye-opener in how music can work when stretched out across the human voicebox. Literally, a single note sung by a choir sounds incredible. Throw in a few harmonies and a fantastically eccentric musical director and Bob was very much your uncle.

Another thing has been the arrival of my Boss RC-50. I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to use the box to dramatic pianistic effect, but at the moment I’m just staring, bewildered, at its flashing lights. It doesn’t yet do what I’d like it to do, to put it mildly. There’s what they call a steep learning curve. Still, one day. One day.

A third all-consuming thing has been being ill, then resolving to get fit, then being ill again. Really takes it out of you, does that. Not that you have to be particularly fit to live my life (play piano, drive up and down motorway, stare at computer screen), but I reckon a spot of jogging every morning can’t fail to be good for me. Even though joggers look miserable while they’re at it, I’m sure they have the last laugh.

Anyway, some proper stuff when I return to health, I promise.


~ by tomcawley on October 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Not much, I’m afraid”

  1. How’s the jogging coming on gorgeous?

  2. Miguel! How lovely! And how I missed seeing you last week, when they sent James Fenn in your stead. The jogging has taken a back seat recently – I simply haven’t had any time at all. I hope to resume next week. But life’s kind of more fun without it, if I’m honest…

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