First blog, then.

Hello world, as they encourage me to say. My name’s Tom – I play the piano and I write music. I play the music that I write on the piano. I write it at the piano, then play it on the piano. You get the picture. More recently, I’ve started a record label to release my stuff, which I’m calling Impure Music. We (I) have a website at where you can buy the new album, hear other stuff, look at pictures, read words. It involved me having to learn Dreamweaver, but I think it was worth it.

Looking through the toolbar, it seems as though I can add media, so let me start by introducing my band, Curios, and our new album. It looks like this:

Closer, the new album from Curios

Closer, the new album from Curios

I’m the one in the middle, by the way. You can have a much better look at the album here.

We sound like this: Little Sharks & Baby Dolphins (excerpt)

And we move like this:

So the reason I’m here is that I’d like to share my thoughts, and post news and behind-the-scenes stuff and just kind of join in with the web community. I’ve been reading some fantastic blogs recently and it seems rather fun. I can start by recommending The Jazz Monster and The Jazz Breakfast which are both the business.

I’m going to talk mostly, I should have thought, about music, writing music, checking out music, playing music and lusting after gear. At the moment, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station. There could be a bit of football and motor racing, also. But let’s not get carried away just yet.

Bye, then.

~ by tomcawley on September 1, 2008.

One Response to “First blog, then.”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere – there aren’t enough real musicians sharing their thoughts so keep them coming – and, of course, lots of bowing and scraping and thank yous for the mention of thejazzbreakfast

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